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Sponsor A Resident

Every penny counts and no amount is ever too small when saving lives.


Choose from featured HTRRH residents below to sponsor that pup by sending a donation for their care!


Fidget and his wife Gidget came here from a family who lost their home and were living in a motel where dogs were not allowed. 


They had 6 dogs living in crates in the capped bed of a pickup

truck in February of 2016, they were skinny, had fleas and they were almost bald.

Fidget (pictured here) has severe heart disease and needs to go to the cardiologist regularly and takes 4 medications daily.


Sponsor Fidget today and help provide her with lifesaving medical care!


Say hello to Aida! Aida joined the pack at Happy Tails Rescue in the middle of a tornado and hurricane, and boy was that quite the adventure! 


Aida was suffering from a severely infected mouth. Even after all she has been through, Aida is the sweetest girl. Even while being miserable from the pain and smell of the infection, her spirit is not broken.

Only good things coming for her now and YOU can sponsor her today to be part of her journey!


Meet Deanna!

Deanna is from the Dominican Republic.


She has Immune Mediated Polyarthropathy (IMPA) which is a complex and painful disease where the body attacks its

own joints.


She is on 2 medications a day and will need further diagnostics and constant monitoring for flare ups. We are determined to get Deanna the best care (and snuggles!) but need your help! Can you sponsor Deanna and be part of her healing journey?

Donate now to
sponsor a resident!

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